We invest in great style that lasts. By taking a classic tailoring approach to sustainable fabrics we have struck a balance between fashion and our conscience, creating something that is both kind to us and good for the planet.


Discovery and utility lie at the heart of the HoodLamb collection. Every jacket and hoodie is designed to be practical and useful for every day, while also providing core warmth and protection from the wind, cold and precipitation. Carefully thought out details make each HoodLamb truly unique.


Our clothes make a difference. We select only the best natural hemp fiber that has been grown chemical free on family farms. We create our collection once a year so that we do the least possible harm to the environment and make things worth keeping.


Our jackets are ready for anything. Featuring long-wearing, multiple layered shells crafted with hemp, the strongest natural fiber on earth, they are designed to provide warmth and protection no matter the circumstances.



Crafted using premium hemp, HoodLamb jackets combine pure strength with classic design. Each jacket is the result of twenty years experience in hemp tailoring and eco-innovation. Our best organic fabrics meet advanced eco-treatments to ensure warm comfort and total protection from the cold

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd chooses HoodLamb as its apparel partner to support its missions to protect marine wildlife. Custom designs created in collaboration with Sea Shepherd and tested in all weather conditions make this the ultimate gear for any climate. A portion of all HoodLamb Sea Shepherd sales goes to support Sea Shepherd expeditions worldwide.


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